Unique Water Marble Nail Designs


Unique Water Marble Nail Designs

The water marble nail designs look really pretty and beautiful for girls. But it seems very difficult to make and you may need some instruments and skills. The patterns created in the water will be varying each time, so you are going to have a totally unique design for your nails. Besides, you can combine any colors you like to finish the look. Follow us with 18 unique water marble nail designs and draw some inspiration!

As a starter, you can choose a clear polish as your base coat. It will go along well with any colored polish layers on top of it. After it gets dry, paint white nail polish on it. Use tapes on the skins around the nails to protect the pattern you are going to create. Next, drip the nail polish into the water and stir the water with a toothpick. Finally, dip your fingers into the water to get the beautiful pattern for you.


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