TSE Pre-Fall 2015


TSE Pre-Fall 2015

Tina Lutz presented her latest pre-Fall 2015 season’s collection, which was inspired by artist Jim Hodges and his recent work with denim textiles that was showcased in Los Angeles. The color palette includes blue, indigo shades, pale cream, pale pink, camel, navy, gray and black. The fabrics include denim, Italian silk-blend brocade, metallic silver patches and fringe embellishments. Everything looks crisp, cozy and functional. You can easily wear these separates at work, in the streets and special occasions.

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-001 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-002 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-003 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-004 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-005 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-006 TSE Pre-Fall 2015

TSE-Pre-Fall-2015-www.ohfree.net-007 TSE Pre-Fall 2015


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