Amazing collection of Diamond studs for men


Amazing collection of Diamond studs for men

Let’s face it- men want to create their own unique style statement keeping in line with modern times. They are not afraid to plunge into unconventional options such as opting for certain kinds of jewelry items that preserves their masculinity while extending a ravishing appeal to them. Studs are the obvious options since they stick to their earlobes and hence are considered ideal for men’s look. Men diamond studs are a great way to flaunt your style in a luxurious way.
Men-diamond-studs Amazing collection of Diamond studs for men
Queen’s Jewels bring forth an exclusive range of men’s studs that are intricately designed keeping the men’s populace in mind. With a certificate of authentication that caters to quality norms and the availability at affordable range, diamond studs on white guys can look simply stunning. However, there are certain key points that one needs to keep in mind while selecting the apt stud for men:

  • Select diamond– Yes diamonds are available in more than one color that one knows of. In addition to the traditional opaque one, black diamonds or rose tinted diamonds are other options that one can browse through.  Men’s black diamond stud earring is a unique collection that has striking features and is surely a good choice.
  • Look for cut– Diamonds owe their glaze and brilliance by the cut pattern. Cuts help to refract the beam of light and hence give the dazzling effect. Cuts are of different kinds such as pave cut, princess cut, pear cut and so one. Select a cut as per choice.
  • Check base Material– Studs earrings needs a base material for embedding the studs in them. One has myriad options of selecting the base materials. Yellow gold is the traditional material that has been used since ages, however, there are other options such as white gold, sterling silver, black gold and rose tinted gold. Base material helps to illuminate and exemplify the beauty of the studs.
  • Weight matters– Diamond quality is known by its weight which is usually measured in carat. Gorgeous designs can be explored in 1 carat diamond studs for men or one can even look for higher range of options for more sophisticated looks.

One can use these guidelines to get the perfect stud for themselves. What needs to be kept in mind is the style quotient that they are looking for. While a simple stud looks perfect with formal attire, a modernized version gels in well with the trendy look. A careful selection can go a long way to accentuate your personality in a regal fashion. Studs looks well in any kind of occasion and completely revamps the personality of a person.

Queen’s Jewels offer range of products in the studs for men category. Drastic designs and patterns are offered which are aligned keeping in choice the taste of men.  Though a major portion consists of readymade designs, there are options for customizing the earrings to get the design as per one’s choice and suiting the budgetary demands. Having an eye of a fashion vista and a hand of a crafty person, one can get the ideal stud earrings in no time.


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