5 summer fashion jewelry that is not only stylish and chic but affordable too


5 summer fashion jewelry that is not only stylish and chic but affordable too

We love summer jewelry sets. They’re colorful, incredibly interesting and versatile. Believe it or not, there’s really no need to spend a lot of money to have the coolest accessories. It’s all about making sensible choices, and investing in materials that are both qualitative and convenient. Summer jewels are delicate; they come in a wealth of materials and they feature the most enticing designs. Whether we’re talking about delicate layered necklaces or about rings, the right items will instantly make your outfit pop. Here are 5 fashion jewels that are a must have for this hot season.
Pendant-necklace 5 summer fashion jewelry that is not only stylish and chic but affordable too

  • Pendant necklace

  • Funky-bracelets 5 summer fashion jewelry that is not only stylish and chic but affordable too

Number one on the list is the pendant necklace. The variety is endless, so before making any choices have a closer look at the wealth of models. Pick the one that best matches with your sense of style and personality. Long, thin necklaces with a bulky stone as a pendant (precious or semi-precious) lengthen your physique. If you don’t have a big budget available, invest in silver or stainless steel. These materials non-corrosive and they’re quite appealing for women in love with the vintage-like fashion trend. For an extra touch of glam, choose a colorful pendant made of rubies and sapphires.

  • Funky bracelets

Adjustable silver bracelets with beads, snake-shaped and byzantine bracelets and bangle cuff bracelets are all in trend this summer. Choose the one that best fits your outfit and you’ll definitely make an impression. Wear your funky bracelets with jeans and sneakers, or stand out in a long, sheer dress. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on jewelry; the secret is to opt for qualitative materials, such as silver, stainless steel or even leather.

  • Cool rings

As far as rings are concerned, this summer season women can wear a wealth of different styles on their fingers. From delicate solitaires to bulky signet rings, the variety is endless. However, for a band to look good on you, it has to go well with the rest of your outfit. Women who love classic outfits (shorts and a top for example, or a pencil skirt and a t-shirt) should go for rings that are more playful and attention grabbing. Make a sensible choice of gems, and try to avoid kitsch varieties. A silver signet ring with an interesting crest or engraving will instantly make people look at your hands. Don’t forget to pay attention to your nails; they should be well-taken care of.

  • Elegant earrings

When buying earrings, things are a bit more delicate. Not all types will go with your style of physical features. Before making a choice, you might want to consider some basic guidelines. If you have a round, more prominent shape of the face, you need to choose long earrings; and if your face is oval, then round or statement earrings will compliment your physique even more. In terms of material, non-corrosive materials are the best (silver and stainless steel). Chandelier earrings, clip-on earrings with pearls, and Aztec inspired earrings are all excellent varieties for this summer.

  • Watch

  • Watch 5 summer fashion jewelry that is not only stylish and chic but affordable too

Many women wear watches because they consider them more stylish than the conventional bracelet. Whether you’re into delicate watches with a silver bracelet, or you’d rather go with more masculine varieties with leather straps, the whole idea is to pick the type that makes you feel good. Your watch has to emphasize your sense of style. It must go well with your sense of style and clothes. Women who like casual outfits for example, can easily wear all sorts of wristwatches; however, if you’re fond of elegant dresses and high heels, you might want to avoid those with leather straps.

Summer time is the best time of the year to wear jewelry. When chosen properly a simple dress or shirt will be instantly transformed into the most elegant and original outfit. It’s very important to be creative when buying jewelry. Adhere to basic wearing guidelines, but use your imagination to make that piece part of your personal style. Dare to be bold and everyone will appreciate your originality. Combine chic elements with affordable pieces, and hone your style. Get your inspiration from the best fashion designers, but give your items a twist by combing them after your personal fashion mantra.   

By Edward Francis and MyFamilySilver.com!


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